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Banebrood Starter

Contents: 1x Gorelord 1x Pestbringer 1x Maldire Mongrels Leader 1x Maldire Mongrels Trooper 1 ..

Halodynes Starter

Contents: 1x Demarchon 1x Syntarch 1x Hoplites Leader 1x Hoplites Musician 2x Hoplites Troope..

Mortans Starter

Contents: 1x Centurion 1x Princeptor 1x Legionnaires Leader 2x Legionnaires Trooper 1 2x Legi..

Nordgaard Starter

Contents: 1x Warsmith 1x Brewer of Odrorir 1x Fjell Warriors Leader 1x Fjell Warriors Musician..

Troglodytes Starter

Contents: 1x Duskborn Chieftain 1x Feral Hammerfist 1x Ironhide Brutes Leader 1x Ironhide Brut..

Wyldfolk Starter

Contents: 1x Pendragon 1x Bard of Aynnsing 1x Bladeslingers Leader 2x Bladeslingers Trooper 1 ..