Halodynes Small Faction Deal

Halodynes Small Faction Deal

Product Code: H72


Here’s the first of our special army deals for summer. this on is Halodynes. It's crammed full of awesome miniatures!
With this army deal you get 3 warlords, 3 units, 2 creatures and 2 characters, giving you a huge amount of potential warband combinations. This gives you a great basis for playing the Halodynes faction.
With this super deal, you save €62.25!
You get:
1 Demarchon (City-States Warlord, buffer-melee warlord)
1 Oracle (Temple Warlord, most powerful spell-caster in the game)
1 Godquester (for all 3 different sub-factions, awesome melee warlord)
1 full unit of 10 Hoplites (excellent blocker unit)
1 full unit of 5 Hill Ogres (50mm minis; total killers)
2 full units of 3 Sons of War (elite super-warriors)
1 Priestess (buffer spell-caster character)
1 Syntarch (melee buffer character)
1 Sacred familiar (attachment model boosting magic)
1 Cerberos (fast, offensive creature 95mm in length)

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